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Learn why Belal Najmeddine is a trusted provider of legal services for Family Law, Divorce & Separation, Real Estate Transactions, Civil Litigation, and Wills & Estates

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"People's lives and the lives of their loved ones, including children, are in our hands," says Edmonton lawyer Belal Najmeddine. "They want to know that we will fight for them as if their family was our family, that their property was our property."

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Edmonton Family Lawyer

Edmonton family law lawyer Belal Najmeddine explains how he customizes his legal strategy to the needs and expectations of the client.

Family Law

Divorce & Separation

Edmonton divorce lawyer Belal Najmeddine explains why commonly held assumptions about divorce and separation are harmful myths that have little to do with reality.


Edmonton Real Estate Lawyer

Getting ready to buy or sell a home, condo or property? Talk to real estate lawyer Belal Najmeddine first.

Real Estate Law

Civil Litigation Lawyer

Learn why you need a civil litigation lawyer to litigate claims made against you or claims you make against others for financial or physical losses.

Civil Litigation

Wills & Estates Lawyer

Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes people make when it comes to writing a Will or doing any of the other legal steps commonly associated with estate planning and administration in Alberta.

Wills & Estates

Meet Belal Najmeddine

Learn why Edmonton lawyer Belal Najmeddine became a lawyer and how that motivates him to meet and exceed the expectations of clients.

Meet Belal