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Time for some fresh thinking about how to get a divorce in Alberta

People who have been through a divorce rarely have good things to say about the experience. That’s understandable because even a low-conflict divorce is an upsetting, life-changing event. But don’t blindly accept what you hear or assume it applies to you.

“Your life circumstances will never be the same as someone else’s life experience and no two couples will go through the divorce experience in the same way,” explains Edmonton Law Office divorce lawyer Belal Najmeddine. “Friends and family members are well-meaning when they give you advice based on their experience, but you never really know where you stand until you have sat down with a divorce lawyer and reviewed the facts of your case.”

10 myths about divorce in Alberta

Man contemplating how to separate from a spouse while avoiding the most common myths about divorce in Alberta, presented by family law lawyer Belal Najmeddine.

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