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Provincial Nominee Program

Various Canadian Provinces and Territories have their own nominee programs whereby the Government may nominate a worker based on work experience, skills, language, intent on settling in the province or territory and on becoming a permanent resident of Canada.

Each province regulates its own nomination streams to target different types of temporary residents. Such streams often focus on students, business investors, skilled workers etc.

The streams could be express entry-specific or non-express entry specific.

In Alberta, we have the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP). There are two (2) main streams that form part of this program, streams for workers and streams for entrepreneurs. To qualify for these streams, a nominee must possess a specified set of skills to address job shortages, or they must be contemplating investment in Alberta.

Contact us to get professional advice on how to proceed with the nominee program application and to understand the Provincial Nominee programs of the province you are based in, or you may be interested in moving to.

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Navigating the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) can be tricky - but that's where Edmonton Law Office can help. With our expertise in immigration and other Canadian provincial programs, you’ll find all the answers you need to make a successful application.

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