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There is a solution for every Family law issue

Every Family Law issue can be resolved. The challenge for a Family Law lawyer is to find the best path forward. “It is very important to select the correct issue resolution process,” notes Family Law lawyer Belal Najmeddine. “Negotiation, with give and take by both parties, is right for some people. Others would be better served by litigation. To make the right recommendation, you really need to understand not only your client but also the other parties involved.”

Even the most basic Family law legal matter requires the help of a skilled and experienced lawyer who understands the applicable legislation (federal and provincial) and the language of Family Law in Alberta. For example, do you know how many definitions there are for “parents”: a) one b) two c) three; d) more than four. See the Answer at the bottom of the page.

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Answer: More than four. Married spouses; Unmarried spouses; a couple in a dating relationship; a couple with no relationship; a couple who had a child by adoption or assisted reproduction; people who have helped a couple have children by donating eggs or sperm or by being a surrogate mother.

The words Family Law, on the outline of a family, representing the clients served by Family Law lawyer Belal Nagmeddine, who also offers legal services divorce and separation, real estate transactions, civil litigation and wills and estates.

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