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How to Become a Canadian Citizen

A person can become a Canadian Citizen in many ways. According to the Citizenship Act of 1985, the three most notable ways are as follows.

  1. the person was born in Canada after February 14, 1977.
  2. the person was born outside Canada after February 14, 1977, to a Canadian parent, and
  3. the person is naturalized in Canada.

Canadian Citizenship By Birth

A person born in Canada after 1977 is automatically a Canadian citizen. On the other hand, if a child is born outside of Canada to a Canadian parent, that child may be a Canadian Citizen as well. Even if you are born outside of Canada, but at least one of your parents was either born inside Canada or became a Canadian Citizen by way of naturalization. You can file a Citizenship Application.

Canadian Citizenship by Naturalization

Any person who possesses all the eligibility requirements may become a Canadian through naturalization. To know if you qualify, you must satisfy the following:

  1. You should be at least 18 years of age.
  2. You have been physically present in Canada for at least 1095 days in the past 5 years on the day you apply for citizenship.
  3. There should be no pending removal or deportation order against you when you apply or while your application is being decided.
  4. There are no pending criminal charges against you.
  5. You also have to meet language proficiency requirements in one of the official languages (English or French) and
  6. You must take a test to prove that you have sufficient knowledge of Canada and the Canadian Political System.

Please refer to the CIC website for detailed information about who is eligible to become a Canadian Citizen.

The rule for 55 years of age or older

If you turned 55 before filing your citizenship application, you may not have to take the Citizenship test and may not be required to meet the language requirements. However, you must still be scheduled to appear for an interview as you must meet other requirements.

How can our immigration lawyer help you achieve your dream of becoming a Canadian Citizen?

Acquiring Canadian Citizenship is a process that can be complex and confusing, especially for immigrants and foreign nationals who may be unfamiliar with the country’s laws and regulations. For this reason, an immigration lawyer can be an invaluable resource in helping you navigate the process from start to finish and help ensure that your application to become a citizen is successful. We provide personalized services to our clients, such as:

  • Providing guidance in completing your citizenship application forms
  • Reviewing your application forms to ensure that they are complete and accurate.
  • Providing advice on the documents and information that you will need to submit.
  • Educating our clients about the requirements for becoming a citizen, such as the need to meet certain language and knowledge requirements and to have lived in Canada for a certain period of time.
  • Presenting your case properly so that it is accepted in the first instance. If rejected or denied, we can even represent you in appealing any unfavourable decision.

What if your application is coupled with legal issues or is denied?

In addition to helping you with the application process, our Canadian immigration lawyers can also provide representation if your application is denied. We can also assist you if you face other legal issues regarding your citizenship application. For example, suppose your application is denied because you have a criminal record or other disqualifying factors. In that case, our immigration lawyers can help you understand your options and potentially appeal the decision.

In addition, our immigration lawyers can assist by providing advice on how to maintain your status as a permanent resident while you are in the process of applying for citizenship. This can be particularly important if you consider travelling outside of Canada or making other changes to your circumstances, as these actions can affect your eligibility for citizenship.

Finally, an immigration lawyer can also assist with other immigration-related issues that you may face, such as applying for a work permit, sponsoring a family member, or seeking refugee status.

We’re here to help you become a Canadian citizen

Contact us today and request an initial consultation with one of our experienced immigration lawyers. We’re your valuable ally in helping you to become a Canadian citizen. Whether you are just starting the process or have encountered problems along the way, an immigration lawyer at Edmonton Law Office can provide the guidance and representation you need to achieve your goal of becoming a citizen of Canada.

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