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Edmonton Real Estate Lawyer

Looking to buy or sell a home, condo or property? Talk to a real estate lawyer at Edmonton Law Office first

The best real estate transaction is a routine real estate transaction with no surprises or complications because both sides had their interests protected by a real estate lawyer. “It takes just one missed detail or misunderstanding to cause big problems,” notes Edmonton real estate lawyer Belal Najmeddine.

It’s also important to remember that similar properties could have very different histories. “You need to know everything about a property before you complete a transaction,” explains Mr. Najmeddine, who offers the following real estate legal services:

Remember to ask about flat rate real estate legal fees and discounts — just one more reason why Mr. Najmeddine should be your real estate lawyer.

Family selling home with the help of real estate lawyer Belal Najmeddine, who assists families home sales and purchases, mortgages and refinancing.

Learn more about real estate law in Alberta, including how to buy or sell a home, by arranging a free introductory consultation with an Edmonton Law Office real estate lawyer.

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