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Pardon / Record Suspension Applications

What is a Pardon or Record Suspension?

A record suspension (formerly “Pardon”) allows individuals to remove their criminal record from the Canadian Information Centre (CPIC) database. This means that a criminal record search will not show that an individual has a criminal record.

It allows individuals who were convicted of criminal offences to have their criminal record kept separate and apart from other criminal records, if:

A Pardon or Record suspension is a great tool in helping individuals in educational and employment opportunities as well as reintegrating into society.

Benefits of obtaining a Pardon or Record Suspension

Obtaining a pardon or record suspension has several benefits, including:

Limitations of a Pardon or Record Suspension

A Pardon or Record Suspension:

Can a Pardon or Record Suspension be revoked?

Yes, a Pardon or Record Suspension can be revoked or ceased to have effect if you are:

Who can apply for a Pardon or Record suspension?

The following individuals can apply for a Pardon or Record Suspension:

When can you apply for a Pardon or Record Suspension?

To be eligible to apply for a Pardon or Record Suspension, you must first complete all of your sentences and a specified waiting period must have passed.

Sentences include:

After completing all of your sentences, you must complete one of the following waiting periods:

What offences are ineligible for a Pardon or Record Suspension?

You are not eligible for a Pardon or Record Suspension if you have been convicted of:

Application processing times

The following service standards apply to pardon or record suspension applications by the Parole Board of Canada:

Fees and Disbursements

Our fee: $949 + GST

Please note that our fee does not include any fees and disbursements charged or required by the Parole Board of Canada, courts, RCMP, Canadian Forces and/or local police service.

The following is a list of some of the fees and disbursements to be mindful of in an application for a pardon or a record suspension:

Application Fee – Parole Board of Canada:  $644.88

Fingerprint-based criminal record check:

Local Police Record Check

Disclaimer: All the information provided on this page is published in good faith and for general information purpose only. Edmonton Law Office does not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability, and accuracy of this information. Information provided utilizes public resources of the Parole Board of Canada, the Government of Canada, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). For more information, please contact the Edmonton Law Office and our knowledgeable lawyers will be happy to assist you.

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