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Edmonton Law Office is committed to providing legal assistance to immigrants looking to come to Canada to work. We understand the complexities and challenges that you may face when trying to obtain a valid work permit. Our team of experienced lawyers is here to guide you through the process and help you understand the opportunities available to you. We specialize in assisting foreign nationals acquiring permits to work in Canada while studying, closed work permits, open work permits, and post-graduate work permits. With our knowledge and expertise in this area, we can help you gain access to the Canadian workforce and start your journey toward achieving your goals. We will provide comprehensive advice and assistance with the application process, ensuring that you have the best chance of succeeding in obtaining a valid work permit.

With our help, you can make your dreams of working in Canada come true.

Work While Studying in Canada

While pursuing full-time studies at an Institution which falls in the list of Designated Learning Institutions (DIL), international students are eligible to work off-campus.  This means they are permitted to work and study outside the campus boundaries of their school or college. This could include working part-time or full-time in a job related to their field of study or taking on an internship or apprenticeship. To be eligible for off-campus work, the student must have a valid study permit and meet certain conditions set forth by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

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Post-graduate Work Permit

With an Open Work Permit, you can work full-time, part-time or self-employed. However, an Open Work Permit is available for a specific period of time between 8 months and 3 years. The length of the Open Work Permit depends upon the length of the study program the student has undertaken.

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Open Work Permits

An open work permit is a legal document that authorizes a foreign worker to work in Canada. What makes this type of work permit unique is the term “open” which indicates that it is not restricted to a particular employer or industry. This means that the holder of an open work permit (foreign nationals) can work in any location within Canada, regardless of the industry, occupation, or employer.

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Closed Work Permits

A closed work permit is an employer-specific work permit, meaning it is for a designated role with a specific Canadian employer. A closed work permit may be approved if certain legal requirements and conditions are met.

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Canada welcomes talented professionals to its shores as part of the Economic Class Immigration Program. We are proud to recognize the unique contributions that immigrants make to our economy and culture.

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