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Real Estate Legal Fees to buy and sell property

Legal Fees

The fees charged by a law firm are directly correlated to the work done by the lawyer and his/her team in the preparation of the documents necessary to purchase or sell your property.

We, at the Edmonton Law Office, offer some of the most competitive and reasonable legal fees out there, especially given our knowledge in Real Estate Law and our willingness to work directly with our clients.

Below is a list of the fees you can expect to incur on your transaction.


Almost everyone has this preconceived notion that a lawyer’s fees include disbursements; they do not.  Fees are charged by the lawyer for the lawyer’s work.  Disbursements, on the other hand, are almost always charged by third parties.

In most real estate transactions, the disbursements you will likely incur include things like registration of your transfer of land and registration of your mortgage.  The Alberta Land Titles Office charges you a fee for registering each of these onto the Certificate of TitleIn addition, property tax searches are required in the completion of your transaction; this means that the City or municipality is going to charge you a fee for obtaining a copy of this document.  The same applies when you obtain a certified copy of title or do a title search at the Alberta Land Titles Office.

Below is a list of disbursements you can expect to incur on your transaction.

Buying Real Estate

Plus GST, costs & disbursements
House Purchase
House Purchase with Mortgage
Mortgage Refinancing
Condo Purchase (cash)
Condo Purchase with Mortgage

Selling Real Estate

Plus GST, costs & disbursements
Condo Sale

Legal fees for other real estate transactions

Mortgage from Private Lender
add $150
Additional (Second Mortgage (s))
Additional Payouts (Per)
$50 - $75
Additional Mortgage Draws
If obtaining a draw or construction mortgage
$150 per draw
Ordering a Real Property Report
Ordering a Title Insurance Policy
Registration of Caveat
Substantial Completion Certificate
Ordering a Compliance Certificate
Holdback Administration Fee
Transfer of Land only
Bridge Loan
Rush Transactions (within 7 days)
Obtaining an Estoppel Certificate (condo)

Disbursements and other charges

Mortgage Registration
$50 + $1.50 per $5000 on the value of the property
Title Registration
$50 + $2.00 per $5000 on the value of the property
Obtaining a Certified Copy of your Title
Searching for a Title (Title Search)
$5 each search
Discharging of a Mortgage
Tax Searches and Tax Certificates
Varies - Avg. = $25
Other disbursements and charges include photocopying, conveyancing fees, title insurance policies, obtaining real property reports and compliance certificates, etc.
Learn more about real estate law in Alberta, including how to buy or sell a home, by arranging a free introductory consultation with an Edmonton Law Office real estate lawyer.

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