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"It is easier to understand a client's needs when you have been a client yourself" - Belal Najmeddine

Edmonton lawyer Belal Najmeddine has the professional qualifications you would expect: J.D. (honours), Faculty of Law, Bond University; B.Com. (Distinction), University of Alberta. But there is nothing typical about the reasons why he became a lawyer, which is best described in Belal’s own words.

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I knew from a young age that I wanted to become a lawyer.

It all started when I was involved in a serious accident during my teens that left me with a severe injury. I initially attempted to resolve my dispute with the other side without the assistance of a lawyer.

The other side was very kind, apologetic and seemed to have my best interests at heart. They even agreed to help me through the process of rehabilitation and cover some of my medical expenses. However, after years of rehabilitation, it was evident that the injury to my back and other parts of my body were going to require long-term medical care.

It was at that point that I quickly learned that the people who I believed had my interests at heart really only had their pocket-books at heart. The other side offered me a settlement that I felt I had no choice but to accept. I felt taken advantage of, helpless and stranded.

Then a friend of mine recommended that I speak to a lawyer he knew -- and everything changed.

I consulted with this lawyer and quickly learned that I was approaching a deadline after which I could not file a claim against the other side and would have been stuck paying the balance of my future medical expenses. I retained this lawyer and, thanks to his expertise, knowledge, and commitment, I received the settlement I was entitled to obtain.

I knew from that moment on that there would be other people in our community who were likely in the same position as me. I began practicing law a number of years ago and am very happy and blessed to know that I can now help those people I always wanted to help, regardless of whether my assistance is required in or out of the court room. Although my motivation came from a personal injury matter I was involved in, I now work mostly in the area of family law, where many, many people need the same help, guidance and support I received when I needed legal help.

Why Belal Najmeddine stands out among Edmonton lawyers

You can tell a lot about Belal Najmeddine by how he approaches every new client. “People’s lives and the lives of their loved ones, including children, are in our hands,” notes Mr. Najmeddine. “They want to know that we will fight for them as if their family was our family, that their property was our property. That’s why you will often find me in my office until midnight.”

He is equally passionate about the importance of being an advocate for his clients. “There are always two sides in a dispute,” explains Mr. Najmeddine, “but for me there is only one side — my client’s side.”

Meet Mr. Najmeddine just once and you will instantly note how he does everything possible to make his client feel at ease. “Most people feel intimidated by a lawyer. I tell them I am no better than them — and they are no better than me. We are equal.”

photo of Edmonton Law Office lawyer Belal Najmeddine, offering legal services for Family Law, Civil Litigation, Real Estate

"People's lives and the lives of their loved ones, including children, are in our hands," says Edmonton lawyer Belal Najmeddine. "They want to know that we will fight for them as if their family was our family, that their property was our property."

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