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Six things you need to know about Child Support in Alberta

  • Child support decisions are not based on gender
    Do not assume that responsibility for child support always goes to the father. That may have been true 50 years ago, but not anymore. The more important factors are the relative incomes of each spouse and who has primary responsibility for child care.
  • Child support payments are not fixed
    Payments are based on the circumstances of each spouse that existed at the time the payments were set. If those circumstances change, the amount paid could be altered by Court order.
  • Child support payments are not just for the child
    The spouse receiving the child support payment has complete discretion over how the funds are spent. The Courts will only get involved if it appears the child’s needs are not being met.
  • Child support is required whether you are employed or not
    Your obligation to pay court ordered child support does not change if you lose your job or decide to not work. The Court will still set a child support payment, based on what you could reasonably earn, based on your experience and education, and it is up to you to find employment. The Courts have the ability to modify a support payment if it appears that you are intentionally under employing yourself.
  • Child support can be required after the age of 18
    While the requirement to pay child support does end for most children when they reach the age of 18, there are circumstances under which support will be required after the age of 18. Here are just two:

    • a child with disabilities
    • a child registered full time in a recognized post-secondary institution
  • Pending child support payments are still due after the child reaches 18
    The obligation to make up any missed child support payments does not end when a child reaches the age of 18. You will still be required to make the payment, plus any interest accrued.
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