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Real Estate Legal Fees to buy and sell property

House Purchase (cash):

House Purchase with Mortgage:

Condo Purchase (cash):

Condo Purchase with Mortgage:

Mortgage Refinancing:

Legal fees for other real estate transactions

Mortgage from Private Lender:
No additional fee

Additional (Second Mortgage(s)):

Additional Payouts (Per):
$50 - $75

Additional Mortgage Draws (Per):

Ordering Real Property Report:
No additional fee

Ordering Title Insurance Policy:
No additional fee

Registration of Caveat:

Substantial Completion Certificate:
No additional fee

Holdback Administration Fee:
No additional fee

Transfer of Land only:

Bridge Loan:


Non-Conventional Mortgage:
Additional $100 fee applies

Family selling home with the help of real estate lawyer Belal Najmeddine, who assists families home sales and purchases, mortgages and refinancing.

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