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Thinking ahead to the day after your divorce is granted

The entire divorce process will be easier if you take into account what your life will be like after you get divorced. “The damages created by a hotly contested divorce can have negative repercussions for years after the papers are signed,” notes Edmonton divorce lawyer Belal Najmeddine. “You can win the battle, but lose the war.”

Better results are likely if both spouses work toward a divorce solution that works in the long term because it provides good answers for all of the following questions:

  • Where will the child live?
  • How will decisions about their care be made?
  • How will the parents share the child’s time?
  • Will child support be required, and if so, who will provide those funds?
  • How will the property be divided?
  • How will debts be divided?
  • Does one spouse need financial support, and can the other spouse provide that support?
  • Will the family home be kept, and if so, who will live there?
  • Can the spouses live separately under the same roof?

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